The main aim of Aritidatabase Website is to inform our clients and the general public on the use of herbs and other natural products that we produce for health and beauty. We hope that this site will serve our clients and other visitors by providing essential information on plants and their products.

Ariti is a small private business, established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1999, with license to cultivate herbs as well as manufacture a wide range of herbal products for local and international markets. Our main products are herbal teas and fragrant essential oils and blends for use in aromatherapy, skin care, inhalation, bath, sauna, etc. Our main export items for the international market include essential oils from unique gums and resins of Ethiopia in particular frankincense, myrrh and opoponax. We also produce for local market essential oils such as eucalyptus, palmarosa, citronella, thyme, rosemary etc.

Most of our products are available at the Ariti Herbal Shop located on Mickey Leland Rd., Chichinea Area. Please see the Locator below on how to get there.

Ariti Herbal is created by Emeritus Professor Ermias Dagne and his wife Chemist Tadelech Tadesse.

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